How to Get Rid of a Hickey Overnight

A hickey, as some like to call it a love bite, is a simple concept to understand. It is the same thing as a bruise because the cause is the same. It is caused when the lining of your blood vessels are damaged and this causes blood to escape into the tissue and skin that surrounds them. Like stands true for all bruises, hickeys too will take some time to fade. Depending on their magnitude, some can heal within a few days as the more prominent ones will take some weeks. Higher the hickey is located on the body, the faster it will heal. It can be an embarrassing mark for most of us to have especially if we have to go to office the next morning or have to attend an important family get-together. This is why we are presenting you all with different ways on how to get rid of a hickey overnight.

Medical Remedies

The first medical remedy we will throw up for you to get rid of a hickey overnight is apply ice to the bruise. Apply the ice to the bruise/hickey for about ten minutes each time you apply it. This will reduce the blood flow, eventually leading to reduction in the bruising and in the swelling as well. The quicker you apply ice, the less blood will be drawn. Depending on where the hickey is located, keep it elevated. After about a day, if it’s not healed by then, consider applying some heat. Apply some heat to the affected area for about 10 to 15 minutes as this will help to recycle the blood faster. The heat compress can be followed up by a cold one to help reduce the swelling that may be caused.

Other Remedies

There are various natural remedies that may be used to heal bruises and cuts. One remedy that may be used to help the healing process is comfrey. This is one of the most renowned treatment for bruises, sprains etc. This extract is available in cream form and oil form as well. What you should try and do is take some crushed comfrey leaves and leave it in some hot water. Spread the mixture on a warm and moist cloth and press it against the bruise.

There are a lot of different treatments people have come up with to get rid of a hickey overnight. Have you even been caught up in this position, is yes, then please share your stories with us.

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